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Think of us as an extension of your marketing department.

All Things Digital Marketing

We are a boutique digital agency that loves all things digital marketing. If we won the lotto in an office pool, we’d still continue digital marketing because we think it’s fun. In our spare time, we talk shop, digest technology, consume marketing blogs and podcasts, manage websites, and test new SEO techniques.

We have more than 100 combined years of experience on our team, yet flesh out the most important new marketing platforms and technologies as they develop. Our team ise comprised of strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, search engine experts, PR and social media specialists, and top-level programmers.


Lean and Mean. Our remote structure allows for low overhead. Top-quality work and no bloat or middle management.


Our staff has many years of experience, a mix of generalists and specialists. 

Data Driven

Data-driven goal measurement, and integrated analytics inform our marketing strategies.


We're a boutique agency which means you get a custom strategy and personalized attention from our team.

Meet the Team

Mark Anderson

President, Search Specialist

Elena Puzic



Web Production

Carrie Whitney


Bob Gabule

Lead Developer

Andi Frey

PR Specialist

Why Live Page Cafe?

Live Page Cafe was founded in 2008 with the aim of connecting with actual business owners, and providing them exceptional marketing services without resorting to technical jargon and convoluted marketing language. We understand that businesses need tangible results, which is why we focus on conversion, sales, and measurable outcomes.

Our team is made up of marketing professionals who are passionate about using technology to help businesses succeed. We are dedicated to providing services that are accessible to businesses of all sizes and tailored to meet their specific needs. Our approach to marketing is all about simplicity and transparency.

At Live Page Cafe, our marketing focus is on conversion and sales. We understand that businesses need tangible results, which is why we develop customized marketing strategies that are designed to drive conversions and increase sales. Our approach is data-driven, and we use analytics to measure the success of our campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize our approach.

Our commitment to measurable results is what sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with clear and concise reports on their campaign performance, so they always know what's working and what's not.

At Live Page Cafe, our mission is to help businesses succeed in the online world. We achieve this by providing exceptional marketing services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

Who's a Good Fit to Work With Us?

  • Do you feel uncertain about the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts?
  • Are you struggling to achieve your desired results with your in-house marketing team?
  • Do you lack the time, resources, or expertise to handle your marketing needs?
  • An outsource marketing department would bring more stability to your program.
  • Do you believe that your business would benefit from a team of skilled professionals, including programmers, content creators, designers, and search specialists?

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