Written by Mark Anderson.

The Law of Least Effort

Provide good design layouts and clear communication. The path of least resistance is often taken by your prospective customer. If your product or service seems difficult, you might be missing the mark with converting potential clients. “Difficult” in this case means anything that causes hesitation, such as not providing enough information to make a decision or not being clear about the problem you are solving for potential customers.


Don’t Overwhelm Them

Think of one of your recent buying decisions, and the choice that you made. You probably didn’t choose a provider that overwhelmed you with too much information. You’re looking to make a good decision and get on with your life – provide that opportunity to your potential customer so they don’t opt out with a click of the mouse.

An Abundant Mindset

An abundant mindset works better in sales to new and current clients. Be transparent in your approach, open in your access to information, and always interested in how you can do better.

Create Loss Aversion When Necessary

Decisions are sometimes hard to make. At times, a nudge is helpful. Creating a genuine sense of urgency for fear of losing out on an opportunity is a good way to spark action. Think FOMO.

Trigger Both Sides of the Brain

Because both sides can be used for decision-making, you want to actively engage each. Emotional reasons for making a decision include the belief that you are solving a problem and thus improving your customer’s current situation. The more deliberate, analytical side of the brain needs enough information and detail to make a decision – include that deeper level of necessary detail somewhere too.

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