Axxis: Creating an Extraordinary LIVE Website

Axxis is an event production company that does everything A-Z in producing extraordinary live events. Even so, the company was the proverbial shoemaker’s son – mak incredible events for clients, but never leveraging that same creativity into its website. As a high-tech event promotions company, Axxis knew that the first value judgement from potential clients would be based on its website presentation.

The team asked us to create a website that included all Axxis’ technical pinnings with something particularly exciting for the home page that would tell the story about all the different events the company is capable of producing – everything from meetings to live concerts. We created a compilation video showing the behind the scenes groundwork in black and white. The video then explodes into color as the live event comes to life. Rotating copy on the home page spins through the many types of events Axxis has produced, while three buttons centered over the video direct the user to each of the company’s three main segments.

To build social proof, we included extensive case studies and event galleries. We built a custom app that allows non-technical personnel to upload, optimize and sort these galleries. The overall perception of what the company can do is now promoted accurately on its website and has paid big dividends in lead generation and client sales.

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