Park Tavern/Piedmont Room: A Web of Activity

The Park Tavern is a top destination restaurant, bar, brew pup and event venue located in Atlanta’s famous Piedmont Park. The venue’s website is the center of a hub of activity – multiple events per week, ticket sales, concerts, restaurant reservations, a skating rink – you name it, there’s something for everyone.

The Park Tavern website needs to enable all of this activity, without the need for a programmer. We accomplished this by creating specialized website apps for all the company’s most common functions. A custom event management app lets Park Tavern personnel enter events, sort by priority, sell tickets, and feature special events on the home page. Additionally, the app writes Google event schema so that the events get crawled and featured in Google snippets. About a dozen other custom functions keep this website performing at top levels, just as well as the many bands that come through.

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