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Live Page Cafe is a full-service boutique digital marketing agency. We can assist your small to medium-size business with strategy, website, online marketing, and search.

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Achieve Your Full Web Potential

Keeping up with online marketing can be overwhelming. Many businesses struggle to effectively reach their target audience or convey a clear message that resonates with potential customers. This can lead to concerns about not realizing their full potential or falling behind competitors who may be more successful in promoting their products or services. Moreover, investing time and resources in ineffective marketing strategies can be a significant worry, leading to a loss of revenue and missed opportunities.

At Live Page Cafe, we offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions that alleviate these worries and help businesses achieve their full potential. Our experienced team of experts will work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy that drives results, delivers a clear message, and connects with your target audience.


Transform Your Website into a Lead-Generating Machine

Having confidence in your marketing strategy can feel incredibly empowering as a business owner. It allows you to feel more in control of your brand's reputation, reach, and revenue. Knowing that your marketing efforts are producing tangible results and driving meaningful engagement with your target audience can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Think of us as your behind the scenes marketing partner.

We make sure your website always looks great, manage your monthly updates, keep you in top spots on the search engines, and ensure your high-quality web presence. From creating compelling content and designing user-friendly landing pages to implementing effective call-to-action buttons and using lead magnets to entice visitors to share their contact information, every aspect of your website will be geared towards generating leads.

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Website Development

We focus on designing websites that meet the needs of your customers. Our visually stunning and user-friendly approach creates an engaging online experience that reflects your brand's identity. Our development process covers every aspect of the design, from the content, layout and graphics, to the functionality, performance and tracking. This ensures that your website not only is a great marketing tool, but looks amazing while providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


Our comprehensive approach covers everything from search engine optimization to social media, email marketing, digital campaigns and paid advertising. By understanding your unique business needs and goals, we tailor our services to create a customized marketing plan that effectively engages and converts your target audience. With our customer-centric approach, you can trust that your brand's online presence will be optimized to drive growth and maximize your ROI.


For most businesses, Organic and Local SEO will drive the majority of your online traffic, and will potentially be the best sustainable source for new client leads. Our team of experts specializes in optimizing your website for search engines, increasing your visibility, driving traffic, and ultimately converting visitors into customers. With a focus on a strong online presence and customer-centric approach, our search strategies are designed to make it easy for new clients to find you. All efforts are tracked in our all-in-one marketing dashboard, and results are reviewed with you monthly.

Site Management

Keep your website looking good, running smoothly and performing at its best. Your website is often the first impression that potential customers have of your business, and it’s crucial to make a good one. We make sure your website is fast, secure, and up-to-date. Let us take care of your website, so you can focus on growing your business.

Social Media

Social media has become a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy. we work with businesses to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with their overall marketing goals. We help businesses identify their target audience, choose the most relevant social media channels, create content that resonates with their audience and track the results.


Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your existing online store to the next level, we specialize in building ecommerce websites using the most popular platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify. Our team of experts will work with you to create a visually stunning and user-friendly online store that will attract and engage your target audience. We also offer a range of digital marketing services, including SEO, email marketing, social media, and paid advertising, to help you drive traffic, increase sales, and build brand loyalty.

Our Philosophy

Tangible results without the unnecessary marketing fluff!

We believe that marketing should be about getting results, not just throwing around buzzwords and industry jargon. Our approach to marketing is all about delivering tangible results that positively impact your business. We prioritize simplicity, transparency, and a results-driven approach, avoiding the unnecessary marketing fluff that can confuse and overwhelm.

At Live Page Cafe, we help businesses to grow and succeed, with a focus on measurable outcomes that make a real difference.

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