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Why Google My Business Is More Important Than Ever In 2021
Google My Business (GMB) is no longer optional — it's an essential part of any business's online presence and often the first place customers look for up-to-date information about your company. In the age of Covid-19, this is more true than ever. If your customers want to find your new ...
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Make it Easy for Potential Customers to Choose You
The Law of Least Effort Provide good design layouts and clear communication. The path of least resistance is often taken by your prospective customer. If your product or service seems difficult, you might be missing the mark with converting potential clients. “Difficult” in this case means anything that causes hesitation, ...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Local Marketing
Local marketing can be simply described as any marketing activity which puts your business in front of consumers within a certain radius of your location. While that’s straightforward enough, there are lots of different types of activity that fall under this neat umbrella. Local marketing is especially important for small ...
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The Three Pillars of SEO: Authority, Relevance, and Trust
For just a moment, remember a time before the Internet and search engines. What did we do if we needed information? In most cases, we began our own quest for a source to supply the needed information. Let’s say you wanted to know the difference between Einstein’s General and Special ...
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10 Local Marketing Strategies That Work
If you operate a local business (one that gets most of its customers from within a 75-mile radius) you can try many general marketing strategies, but you have one special consideration. You have to attract prospects who are close enough to literally walk into your shop or close enough for ...
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