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At Live Page Cafe, we know that data is a critical component in making informed business decisions. That's why we created our All-in-One Report Dashboard – to provide businesses with actionable insights from a variety of data sources. Our dashboard is different from others in the market because it only includes the key data that's important for your business.

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One of the most common complaints we hear from businesses is that other dashboards are cluttered with fluff data that's not relevant to their business. We wanted to change that. Our dashboard provides the most important data in an easy-to-read format, without any extra fluff. You'll have access to critical data from Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Google Search Console, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and offline campaigns tracked with UTM tracking codes.

Another key element that sets our dashboard apart is the ability to view data over a timeline. Most dashboards only provide a snapshot of data, which doesn't give you the full picture of how your marketing efforts are performing over time. With our dashboard, you can view data over a timeline, which gives you a better understanding of how your marketing campaigns are performing, and how they're affecting your business.

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The data in our dashboard is not only easy to understand, but it's also actionable. We provide data that helps businesses understand how their marketing campaigns are driving traffic, leads, and sales. You'll be able to see which campaigns are performing well, and which ones need improvement. This data helps businesses make informed decisions about where to focus their marketing efforts and budget.

Another benefit of our All-in-One Report Dashboard is the ability to track offline campaigns with UTM tracking codes. This is particularly important for businesses that engage in offline marketing efforts, such as print or radio advertising. With our dashboard, you'll be able to see how these efforts are driving traffic to your website, and how they're contributing to your overall marketing success.

In summary, our All-in-One Report Dashboard provides businesses with the critical data they need to make informed marketing decisions. We believe that marketing shouldn't be a shot in the dark – it should be data-driven. Our dashboard is the tool that helps businesses achieve just that. With easy-to-read, actionable data from a variety of sources, businesses can make informed decisions about their marketing efforts and budget.

Dashboard Integrations

Our All-in-One Dashboard Reports include:

  • Conversions by Source (ie. Google, PPC, Email Marketing, Yelp): Know where to best spend your efforts.
  • Conversions by Neighborhood: Traffic and conversions per local neighborhoods.
  • New vs. Returning Conversions by Source: How many new versus returning visitors are converting on your site, and via which online source?
  • Cost per Conversion per Campaign: Cost per conversion for your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Branded vs. Keyword Search Inquires: Which search terms are people using to find your site?
  • Timeline Google My Business Activity: Views, calls, clicks, direction requests, over a timeline so you can see trends.
  • Timeline Social Media Performance: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others.
  • Your Best and Worst Website Pages: Which pages deserve more attention, and which ones are losing clients?
  • Email Marketing Results: See your Mailchimp or Constant Contact results along with your other marketing results.
  • Much More: All consolidated into one dashboard report, available online, and always with live up-to-date information.
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